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Pokemon Go in New York City

I've listed places of interest in NYC, where you can play Pokemon Go and experience the city. I've also included a short history of that area and transportation directions to give you a jist of the location. To learn more about any location, simply click on the heading or photo.

Central Park

The City's Largest Pokemon Nest

Central Park is home to the city's largest Pokemon nest. It's previous inhabitants include Electabuzz, Chikorita and Kabuto. The park spans for 51 city blocks for a total of 2.5 miles. (That's 4 kilometers for our metric system friends.) I could say that the park has the most Pokestops of any park in the city but that would misleading. Read More

Grand Army Plaza

The Place Where it All Began

Grand Army Plaza is the epicenter of Pokemon Go in New York City. When the game was first released in the summer of 2016, hundreds of players swarmed the plaza's four lured Pokestops. Trainers of all ages would come sit under the tacky gold statue and flick Pokeballs for hours. Those that came on their lunch break would struggle to find a place to even stand. Read More

Bryant Park

Popular Hotspot

Bryant Park has all the characteristics of a great Pokemon hotspot. It features a cluster of Pokestops that can all be spun in one place. The park itself has a fair sized nest which has been home to Bulbasuar, Jigglypuff and Mankey in previous migrations. Trainers can loop around the park to restock on items while also hunting for Pokemon that have migrated there.Read More

The High Line

Scenic and Carefree

The High Line is a public park build on an elevated historical rail line in Manhattan. The High Line has it all: modern art, countless photo opportunities, and most important, Pokemon. What more could a trainer with a camera ask for? The High Line not usually recommended by locals for Pokemon but it has it's benefits. Read More

Riverside Park

Two Nests for the Price of One

Riverside Park lies on the southern side of Manhattan along the Hudson River. The park stretches four miles (6.4 km) from 72nd street to 158th street. For the trainer, the park features two unique nests and a footpath along the water. Similar to Central Park, the park has sparce Pokestops to restock on items. Read More