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General Sherman Statue at Central Parks Grand Army Plaza

Grand Army Plaza

Grand Army Plaza is the epicenter of Pokemon Go in New York City. When the game was first released in the summer of 2016, hundreds of players swarmed the plaza's four lured Pokestops. Trainers of all ages would come sit under the tacky gold statue and flick Pokeballs for hours. Those that came on their lunch break would struggle to find a place to even stand. Outsiders would point towards the plaza and exclaim, "They're playing that Pokemon Go game". The other outsider would exclaim, "That's crazy", with her head sandwiched between her hands.


The plaza's northern end features the glided-bronze statue of Civil War General William Tecumseh Sherman standing alongside Victoria, the Roman personification of victory. It was the last work of the great sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens, who spent eleven years working on the statue while ill. The statue was installed in 1903, restored twice in 1990 and 2013 by replacing the gold leaf that covers the sculture.

The statue of General Sherman in 1936.

The statue of General Sherman in 1936.

Opposite the general is the Pulitzer Fountain, gifted by newspaper publisher Joseph Pulitzer. Before his death in 1911, Pulitzer knew his longtime publishing rival, William Randolph Hearst, was planning to sponsor a monument on the opposite side of the park. As an way to one-up him, he donated $50,000 to erect the fountain in 1916. A statue of Pomona, the Roman goddess of abundance, carrying a basket with both hands sit up top the fountain.

The Pulitzer Fountain in 1925.  From the NYPL.

The Pulitzer Fountain of Abundance in 1925.


Grand Army Plaza (also known as GAP) is located on the southern part of Central Park in Manhattan. It is often mistaken for the Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn or the American clothing retailer. Grand Army Plaza is accessable via the N, R, W and F.

Subway trains near Grand Army Plaza

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The surrounding area of Grand Army Plaza is considered a city biome. City biomes are largely concreted and feature a high density of residential and commercial areas. What this means is you're going to see a fair number of Magnemite, Voltorb, and the occasional Skarmory.


Grand Army Plaza has access to four surrounding Pokestops standing in one spot that are constantly lured during active days. You can take a seat on the comfortable steps under the statue, restock your bag, and watch rare and uncommon Pokemon appear in front of you. It a good place to recharge your mind, your body, and your phone (provided you have a battery).

Restrooms are located nearby in the Apple Store towards the back of the store.

Grand Army Plaza is not the idea everyone has when they think 'Pokemon adventure' but it's a good place to play while resting. Once you've recollected yourself, you can check out Central Park.

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