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A view of the High Line around sunset.

The High Line

The High Line is a public park build on an elevated historical rail line in Manhattan. The High Line has it all: modern art, countless photo opportunities, and most important, Pokemon. What more could a trainer with a camera ask for? The High Line not usually recommended by locals for Pokemon but it has it's benefits. The single path you can walk along is ideal for hatching eggs and walking your Pokemon buddy. While searching for Pokemon you can explore the park's art, greenery, and seanic views.


The High Line Park sits on top of an rustic, elevated, and historical railroad. The City built the elevated rail line as a safer alternative to the street level railroad tracks. The street level rail lines that ran on tenth avenue caused enough accidents to dub it "Death Avenue". An unique trait of the elevated rail line was how it ran though buildings such as the warehouse for the Nabisco Biscuit Company. (This complex would become present-day Chelsea market.) This integration allowed cargo to be unloaded with ease.

The High Line rail line running in to a building.

The rail line running in to the Nabisco warehouse.

The use of the High Line declined due to the rise of trucking to move goods. In 1980, the final delivery was made in the form of three carloads of frozen turkeys in time for Thanksgiving. Many residents thought the High Line was an eyesore and they believed it was effecting the neighborhood's development. In 2001, Mayor Rudy Giuliani signed an order to demolish the High Line on his last days in office. His order was never carried out.

In 1999, residents Robert Hammond and Joshua David founded "Friends of the High Line" to preserve the structure and area. The efforts of the organization would lead to the cancellation of the demolition order. Mayor Michael Bloomberg committed 50 million to realize the park's potential as an urban amenity. The park opened in 2009 followed by more sections opening in 2011 and 2014. Today, the High Line attracts almost 6 million annual visitors.


The High Line is accessible via the A, C, E, 1, and 2 trains. If you would like to start at the end of the park, you can get off at 14 Street station. (This is not pictured in the graphic below.)

Subway trains near The High Line

An unnecessary graphic (not all stations pictured)


In Pokemon Go, the High Line is not considered a Park but rather a pedestrian way. So it is not a park biome. However it is still a city biome and you will find plenty of Magnemite and Voltorb.


The High Line doesn't check many of the boxes for a good Pokemon hotspot. It has sparse Pokestops, common Pokemon, and is not a nest but it has plenty of other benefits going for it. For one thing there's no traffic to worry about when walking along the path. The park's art and landscape allows you to strike a balance between gaming and enjoying the company of others. I believe thats a good enough reason to check out this unique park in New York City.

If you're looking to hatch some eggs and take some great shots then head over to the High Line. If you're looking for more to do I recommend checking out Chelsea Market.

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