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Panoramic View of Riverside Park

Riverside Park

Riverside Park lies on the southern side of Manhattan along the Hudson River. The park stretches four miles (6.4 km) from 72nd street to 158th street. For the trainer, the park features two unique nests and a footpath along the water. Similar to Central Park, the park has sparce Pokestops to restock on items. I recommended to have plenty of Pokeballs before heading out here.


Riverside Park was previously developed as the Hudson River Railroad. In 1865, William R. Martin wrote the first proposal for the park. After the park's approval in 1872, Frederick Law Olmsted, co-designer of Central Park, drew up the conceptual plans for the new park. Between 1875 to 1910, the stretch of park between 72nd street and 125th street were laid out according to the English garden ideal. The English garden ideal featured vast lawns against groves of trees with pieces of architecture such as bridges and monuments.

A glimpse of Riverside Park in 1900

In the early twentieth centeury, the park evolved adding monuments and sculptures to honor the city's heroes. The northern boarder was extended to 155th street. The extended park added decorative viaduct, castle-like retaining walls, and grand ensembles. In 1980, a section of the park (72nd to 125th street) was designated a scenic landmark by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission.


Riverside Park is accessable via the 1, 2, and 3 trains. It's also a short walk from Central Park.

Subway trains near Riverside Park

Subway trains near Riverside Park


The park's waterfront has plenty of Magikarp, Tentacool, Psyduck and the occasional Dratini.


The majority of the spawns for the first nest is between 79th and 72nd Street. Between 79th and 92nd street, the nest spawns are not as clustered.

Example of the spawn density at Riverside Park

Depiction of the nest spawn density at Riverside Park

The second nest is contained between 95th and 125th street. The majority of the spawns are between 109 and 119th street.

If you're looking for new sights to see or the nests are of any interest, check out Riverside Park.

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