Celebi Special Research

These are all tasks and rewards for the ‘A Ripple in Time’ Special Research. Completing this quest will allow you to encounter and catch Celebi.

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A Ripple in Time Special Research


I can’t complete the ‘Evolve a Grass-type Pokémon’ task. What’s going on?

Currently, Niantic changed the wording on that task from ‘Evolve an evolved Grass-type Pokémon’ to Evolve a Grass-type Pokémon’ but it kept the old requirements of needing to ‘Evolve an evolved Grass-type Pokémon’. In addition, the task won’t work with evolutions from Sinnoh (Gen 4).

Examples of evolutions that will work is:

  • Ivysaur to Venasaur
  • Gloom to Vileplume or Bellossom
  • Weepinbell to Victreebell
  • Bayleaf to Magnanium
  • Grovyle to Sceptile
  • Lombre to Ludicolo
  • Nuzleaf to Shiftry

I’ll update this accordingly if there is any clarification or changes to this.

How do I evolve an Eevee to a Espeon or a Umbreon?

So, unlike the evolutions for Vaporeon, Flareon, or Jolteon (which are random), evolving Eevee to Espeon or Umbreon is guaranteed as long as you meet these 3 requirements:

  • Walk Eevee as your buddy for 10 km
  • Earn two candies from walking with Eevee
  • Evolve that Eevee during the DAY for Espeon or at NIGHT for Umbreon

On the Eevee’s info screen, the evolution button will show a silhouette of an Espeon/Umbreon. If you don’t see the correct silhouette, you likely missed one of the requirements. I recommend you backtrack and try again.

There is also a nickname trick that can be used once for each Eeveelution. Nickname your Eevee Sakura to produce a Espeon or Tamao to produce a Umbreon before evolving.

How do I get a silver/gold Johto medal?

The Johto medals require registering a certain number of Johto region Pokémon in the Pokédex. The silver medal requires 40 Pokémon and the gold medal requires 70 Pokémon.

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