Jump-Start Research

These are all tasks and rewards for the ‘Jump-Start’ Special Research. If you already completed this set of Special Research, you cannot complete it again.

This Special Research has been available:

  • In the Summer of 2019
  • In the Summer of 2020 (Until July 8th)
  • During the Fifth Anniversary Event (Until July 15)

Disregard the July 8, 2020 date on the graphic. This was not updated for 2021.

Go to Jump-Start FAQ below.

Jump-Start Special Research


How much time do I have to complete this Special Research?

Special Research does not expire so you can complete it at your own pace.

Who needs Lucky Eggs?

This set of Special Research is aimed towards new trainers or trainers who are returning to the game. It still offers quite a lot for long time players.

I evolved my Dratini before taking a Snapshot. What do I do?

You’ll need to obtain another one. I recommend trading for one.

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