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For Returning Trainers

Catch up on everthing you've missed since Summer 2016. Scroll Down!


Fall 2016

Buddy Pokémon, Capture Bonuses, and Daily Rewards

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Buddy System

Earn candy by walking with a Buddy Pokémon.

Capture Bonus

You can earn a catch bonus to help catch Rare Pokémon with type medals. You can earn better type medals by catching Pokémon of the corresponding type.

Daily Bonuses and Streaks

Get bonus items, Stardust, and XP for your first PokéStop and first Pokémon caught for the day. Get an even bigger bonus on your 7-day streak.

Winter 2016

Christmas and Johto Pokémon

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Johto Pokémon

Baby Pokémon such as Togepi and Pichu begin hatching in Eggs. They are the first Johto Pokémon in Pokémon GO.

Santa Hat Pikachu

Pikachu gets a hat in the first Holiday Event.

Winter 2017

Johto Pokémon, New items, Avatar Customization, and New Encounter Mechanics

More Johto Pokémon

Over 80 new Pokémon Species from the Johto Region were added in early 2017

Evolution Items

Special Evolution Items like Sun Stone, King's Rock, and Metal Coat are added to the game. They are required for certain evolutions.

Avatar Customization

New clothing options added to customize your Trainer's look.

New Encounter Mechanics

Pokémon can now fly up and down, sway side to side, and zig-zag around to make it trickier to catch.

Create Sliders

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