What are Alolan Pokémon?

Say ‘Alola’ to the Alola Region.

Some Kanto Region Pokémon will be arriving with their Alolan forms in the coming weeks in Pokémon GO. Now I know some of you might be asking: ‘What does that mean? or ‘What effects will they have on the meta?’ As a self proclaimed expert on the Alola Region after watching no less than 26 and a half episodes of Pokémon Sun and Moon, I’ll try and answer some of those curiosities.

What is Alola?

Alola is a region of the Pokémon world. It is known as a popular resort destination and attracts tourists from other regions. It is largely based on Hawaii in both the climate and culture.

Alola Map

A bird’s eye view of the islands of Alola.

What are Alolan forms?

Alolan forms are Regional Varients of Pokémon found in Alola.

In this case some Kanto Pokémon (Generation 1) can be found in the Alola region but they have evolved or changed due to the unique environmental pressures in Alola. For example, let’s look at Rattata. In Alola, Rattata became nocturnal and moved to more urban areas to evade their main predator, Yungoos (another Alola Pokémon. We likely won’t see Yungoos anytime soon).

This change is evident in Alolan Rattata’s black fur, mustache, and new Dark-typing.

Alolan Rattata

Rattata’s darkest timeline.

Other Alolan forms are more silly. Raichu becomes a psychic tail-surfing mouse due to it’s love of sweets and pancakes (According to Pokémon researchers).

Alolan Raichu



What are the new Alolan Pokémon coming to Pokémon GO?

Here’s a graphic:

Alola Pokémon

View on Imgur.

How can I catch Alola Pokémon in Pokémon GO?

We don’t have any information yet on how Alolan Pokémon will present themselves on the map. Ideally they will differentiate themselves but we will have to wait and see.

Certain Pokémon like Rattata and Meowth have Alolan Basic forms while others like Pikachu have no Alolan form but have an Alolan evolution.

In order to obtain an Alolan Raticate, you must evolve an Alolan Rattata. On the other hand, any Pikachu can evolve into an Alolan Raichu. At this time we don’t know what conditions would cause a normal Pikachu to evolve into an Alolan Raichu in Pokémon GO.

Are Alolan Pokémon going to use different candy?

No, they will likely use the same candy as their normal forms. You can think of them just having a different form rather than being a new species. (eg. Castform)

Are Alolan Pokémon better than their regular forms?

Their stats are not dramatically different from their regular forms but the Alolan form might have more favorable typing in certain matchups. The two most important factors will be how they will benefit from different typing and new moves.

Closing Remarks

Niantic took everyone by surprise when they announced this addition to Pokémon GO. It will be an interesting time as many people are unfamiliar with Alola and will have more to discover this Summer.

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