How to Catch Meltan - New Information

New information has been revealed about Meltan including its traits, how to capture it, and a shadowy figure.

In a new video posted by the Pokémon YouTube channel, an individual jots down their observations of the Meltan roaming about in their home. The individual notes that Meltan appear to have bodies made of liquid metal. They have a keen interest in anything made of metal and can absorb any metal they find into their bodies. In the latter part of the video, Meltan is roaming about and showing its curiosity. At the end, the individual makes one final note saying there is more to learn about Meltan. The video ends with a group of Meltan asleep, a flash of white, and then a shadowy figure.


A new Meltan form?

Two Professors and The Mystery Box

Another video was also posted by the Pokémon YouTube channel of Professor Oak and Professor Willow discussing a Mystery Box and it’s role in encountering Meltan.

In short, the Mystery Box is essential in encountering Meltan. In the video, Professor Willow is successfully able to open the Mystery Box and encounters several Meltan nearby. However, the Box shuts on its own after a while and Prof. Willow is unable to further investigate. The question now is ‘how do we get the Mystery Box in Pokémon GO?’

From the official Pokémon Let’s GO website, it says the Mystery Box can be received by sending Pokémon from Pokémon GO from Pokémon: Let’s GO, Pikachu! or Pokémon: Let’s GO, Eevee! The website further notes, you can receive the Mystery Box from a friend’s Ninendo Switch game so you do not need to own the game yourself. The restrict is that the box will close itself after it’s used (as experienced by Professor Willow). The only way to open it again is waiting a set amount of time then sending another Pokémon from Pokémon GO to Pokémon: Let’s Go!

We are also told there will be new Special Research quests added to Pokémon GO this Winter that will let us search for the Mythical Pokémon Meltan. It is unclear what this new Special Research entails and if it requires a copy of the Switch games to participate or progress in it.

Meltan Screenshots

Screenshots of opening the Mystery Box in Pokémon GO and encountering Meltan

In the above screenshots, the box appears to function like an Incense and you can catch multiple Meltan in the given time. There is a timer on the right side showing how long you have until the box shuts.

Meltan won’t be exclusive to Pokémon GO. After you capture it in Pokémon GO, you can transfer it to yours or a friend’s Switch game.

Meltan Switch

Screenshots of Meltan in the new Switch game

Parting Words

There is still a lot we don’t know about capturing Meltan but in the meanwhile, you can preorder the Switch games (or find a friend who has) in preparation. We can look forward to the reveal of Meltan’s evolution/form as teased earlier.

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