Professor's Research Special Research

These are all tasks and rewards for the exclusive ‘Professor’s Research Special Research. Complete this Special Research to earn an encounter with Meltan as well as other rewards. This Special Research can currently only be obtained by redeemed the code at the bottom of the Professor’s Research trading card featuring Professor Willow.

You will also earn an Exclusive Professor Willow trading card medal upon successfully redeeming a promo code.

Go to Professor’s Research Special Research FAQ below.

Professor's Research Special Research


How do I obtain a Promo Code?

Currently you can obtain the Professor’s Research trading card from purchasing any Pokémon GO merchandise from the online Pokémon Center store. If you qualify for this offer, the card will show up in your shopping cart. Otherwise the offer has probably ended. (This offer is also available via the Canadian or Japanese Pokémon Center online stores)

There will be other ways to obtain the research in the future. The official Pokémon Twitter claims: Starting soon, Trainers who complete research in Pokémon GO and tasks at Pokémon League events will also receive Professor Willow’s card while supplies last. Keep an eye out for future announcements!

However, it’s unclear what they mean by completing research in Pokémon GO to receive the card.

How do I redeem the promo code?

You can either redeem the offer code on the website or redeem the code at the bottom of the in-game shop (Android only).

How long does this Special Research last?

Once you obtain Special Research, it will never expire.

Do the promo codes expire?

Yes, they expire after August 1, 2023 at 12:00am UTC. They are single-use promo codes.

Can Ditto be Shiny?

No, Shiny Ditto is not available at the time I’m writing this.

Can Meltan be Shiny?

Outside of special events, no.

Meltan is available during some events. But outside of those events, it cannot be shiny. If you encounter the reward during one of the events, you do have a chance at encountering a Shiny Meltan.

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