Jirachi Special Research

These are all tasks and rewards for the ‘A Thousand-Year Slumber’ Special Research to encounter and catch Jirachi.

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A Troubling Situation Special Research


Why can’t I evolve my Feebas? I have 100 Candy.

In order to evolve a Feebas in to a Milotic, you need 100 Feebas Candy AND walk the Feebas as your Buddy for 20 km.

I got my 7-Day PokéStop streak. Why isn’t it letting me progress?

You must spin a PokéStop 7 days in a row for the research task. Your 7-day PokéStop streak to reward more items doesn’t count towards this streak.

I already evolved a Feebas. Will that count towards the task?

No, you must evolve a Feebas when you reach that step in the Special Research.

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