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Saturday, January 1, 2022, at 10:00 AM Local Time
Saturday, January 1, 2022, at  8:00 PM Local Time

Pokémon Listings

This is used to list Pokémon. There are various flags explained below.


Sets the Spawnlist for the list of Pokémon. Make sure that the list is assigned to a variable to pass it to the include.

{% assign include-spawnlist = page.spawn_list %}  
{% include events/event-spawns.html spawnlist=include-spawnlist%}


Labels the list with H3 Header

{% include events/event-spawns.html label="This is a Label" %}

Shiny Flag

If set to true, it will show the shiny variant of the listed Pokémon.

{% include events/event-spawns.html shiny=false %}

Event Article Images

Use this to insert article images saved to /assets/img/events/article-images/. The directory should be the name of the event markdown file including the date. eg. 2022-01-01-community-day.

{% include events/event-images.html name="[Image File Name HERE]" %}

Event Graphic

Use this to insert graphics saved to /assets/img/events/graphics/.

If the event is tagged with Community Day, it will use /assets/img/events/graphics/
If the event is tagged with Raid Battles, it will use /assets/img/events/raids/

{% capture event-tag %}{{ page.event-tags[0] }}{% endcapture %}  

{% for item in page.graphic %}  

  {% include events/event-graphics.html image=item.image tag=event-tag %}  

{% endfor %}  


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In 2 km Eggs

In 5 km Eggs

In 7 km Eggs

In 10 km Eggs


Appearing in 1- Star Raids

Appearing in 3- Star Raids

Appearing in 5- Star Raids

Appearing in Mega Raids


These Pokémon will be released in their shiny variant with the start of the event.


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