Weedle Community Day

Community Day

Saturday, June 20, 2020, at 11:00 AM Local Time
Saturday, June 20, 2020, at  5:00 PM Local Time

Weedle has been chosen as the featured Pokémon for June Community Day.

Evolve Kakuna (the evolved form of Weedle) to get a Beedrill that knows the Ground-type attack Drill Run. The unique type combination of Beedrill’s Bug and Poison types with the Ground-type Drill Run will be sure to inspire some innovative battle strategies.


Increased Spawns
3x Catch Stardust
3-hour Incense


Exclusive Move - During Community Day (plus two hours after) Weedle evolved to Beedrill will learn the Charged Attack Drill Run when evolved.

You cannot use non-elite TMs to learn Exclusive Moves.

Photobomb During the event you can snap an AR Photo and get photobombed by Weedle.

Community Day Box A bundle containing an Elite Charged TM, 30 Ultra Balls, 3 Incense, and 3 Star Pieces for 1280 PokéCoins will be available.

Buddy Pokémon with a Buddy Level of Great Buddy or higher will bring you helpful items, such as Poké Balls, throughout the event.



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